When image is everything:
Supernova Infinity

The PLUS Corporation showroom in Tokyo needed a versatile display system that would harmonize with their chosen ambience and furniture design. Local dnp Partner KIC Corporation devised a huge dnp Supernova Infinity solution. Its combination of high performance and affordability earned this project the title Installation of the Month.

A discerning audience

In a design-oriented showroom, image – in all senses – is everything. PLUS Corporation’s office furniture showroom in Tokyo, Japan, has to satisfy very discerning eyes. Yet at the same time, the business must adhere to its budget.

Bright images for a clear message

PLUS Corporation was considering a multi-screen (55” x 9) display system. This proved unaffordable, however, so the company turned to KIC Corporation for advice. KIC is a longstanding supplier to PLUS Corporation, as well as dnp’s Partner in Japan. They suggested a system based on a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen because of its excellent image quality and high contrast, even at high viewing angles in brightly lit environments. This was ideal for PLUS Corporation’s intended application: signage to welcome guests, support during meetings and panel discussions and for public viewing.

Cost and quality

“We chose the dnp screen as the cost-effective solution that could deliver the image quality PLUS Corporation needed,” say KIC. “We demonstrated it in our showroom, and PLUS Corporation decided that it was the right setup for them, even in competition with LCD screens.”

Customized to fit perfectly

KIC went on to modify the edge frame of the screen to ensure it harmonized with the design idiom in the showroom. KIC also chose the Panasonic projector to live up to the dnp screen’s capabilities in terms of brightness, colour fidelity and contrast. The result is outstanding. “The image is stunning and the screen fits beautifully in the showroom,” say PLUS Corporation. “It absolutely looks like a big LCD display.”


dnp Supernova Infinity 180” 4:3, custom size 3,652 mm x 2,707 mm


PLUS Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


KIC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


Panasonic PT-RZ970JW, Laser 1 chip DLP, 10,000 lm (centre), 9,400 lm

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