World’s first 100” dnp LaserPanel for Indoor Soccer Centre

Combining impressive image quality with easy installation and very attractive economics, the 100” dnp LaserPanel has made possible a successful business model for the Indoor Soccer Centre in Groningen, in the Netherlands.

The Indoor Soccer Centre (ISCG) in Groningen wanted to display live events in its sports café, with the aim of enriching the customer experience and extending the time visitors spend at the centre. The project’s challenges included constant bright artificial lighting, long periods of operation every day and, not least, the need to contribute to a profitable business model.

Collaboration leads to a ‘world first’

Consultant John Goedegebuure from JG Enterprises was brought in, and the result was a very productive link-up between ISCG, dnp Partner xScreen Interactive and digital advertising company CS Digital Media. It led to the world’s first dnp LaserPanel solution being installed in a public venue.

Technology enables ingenious business model

The leasing solution avoids major up-front capital expense, while xScreen Interactive’s Split-Xcreen-Advertising enables the display to combine appealing live footage with revenue-earning digital signage.

dnp LaserPanel has all the advantages

Initially, four 50” screens were planned, but ISCG felt the single 100” dnp LaserPanel had more impact, with its high-contrast optical screen. It also offered the same HD (1080p) image quality as LCD/LED alternatives, very competitive pricing and the essential long-term reliability. And, as an additional bonus, only one projector was needed. Installing the ultra-short throw dnp LaserPanel was as easy as ever with a dnp screen.

“We’re thrilled and proud to be home to the world’s first dnp LaserPanel in this kind of set-up,” comments Eisse-Reint Dallinga, Director at ISCG. “The brilliant images keep our customers watching for hours, while the ads boost our revenues and support our business model.”


100" dnp LaserPanel


Indoor Soccer Centre, Groningen, Netherlands


xScreen Interactive and CS Digital Media


dnp LaserPanel projector


Signage & Advertising


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