dnp to demonstrate ALR superiority at InfoComm 2017

dnp denmark will be showcasing its latest ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) Screens at InfoComm 2017, June 14-16 in Orlando, FL. Their lineup will feature ALR Screens including a large format dnp Supernova Infinity, dnp Supernova Blade, dnp LaserPanel Touch with special cabinetry, and other unique solutions.

ALR Confusion – Rejection vs. Redirection

"We’re excited to be showing the biggest, and best in ALR screen technology,” states Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP Global Sales & Marketing at dnp. “Where our competition must control light over their screen at InfoComm, we ask show management not to shroud the lights over our booth. In a real world environment, controlled lighting isn't always an option and image quality using the wrong screen technology suffers because of that - so why set false expectations on the show floor?”

“dnp's optically engineered Supernova Screens offer real world class solutions in any environment,’ adds Sally Bermudez, Senior Sales Consultant and dnp Visualization Center Manager. ‘We gladly accept the #ALRChallenge from our competition! We encourage them to bring by a screen sample, and let us do a shootout anytime.”

Supernova offers Contrast, Clarity, vivid Colour reproduction and a wide viewing Cone while rejecting ambient light from above and below resulting in stellar image quality with exceptional black levels and brightness over typical diffusion materials. These 4C's of Supernova set dnp apart from other screen manufacturers, and are important features to consider when buying a projection screen.

Daily Screen Shoot-Out

dnp denmark will display its 08-85 and 23-23 ALR screen materials during a daily shoot-out at 11am against a traditional matte white diffusion screen, demonstrating uniform results, with contrast-rich images even while in hostile light environments.

For a VIP Tour of the Supernova Screen Technology, visit Booth #3143. Please contact Lisette Jørs, Marketing Manager, to schedule an appointment via email at

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