Improved motorized cabinet for LaserPanel executive line

In a modern meeting room, images and sound should be in focus - not technical equipment. This is the philosophy behind dnp denmark's series of LaserPanel furniture, where projector, cables and speakers are covered by elegant and simple Scandinavian design.

With the latest update of the motorized executive projector cabinet, the user experience becomes even smoother and more intuitive:

Seamless integration with control systems

A new IP/relay controller unit allows easy integration and operation of the projector and cabinet door from a control system. This allows customers to control the entire meeting experience – from room lighting to display – from one single interface. 

Smooth, noiseless operation

The new cabinet is equipped with a smoother, more precise and silent motor system. For further enhancement of the user experience, turning the projector on/off is synchronized with the door movement. When you press the button to open the cabinet, the projector turns on simultaneously – and vice versa.

LED status indicator

The updated control button on the cabinet now features a multi-color LED that shows the current status of the door and projector. This makes it easy to see when the projector is on/off or if there should be any problems.

Despite the many improvements, the price is still the same as on the previous model.

Contact your dnp denmark area sales manager for more details.


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