New Supernova STW Elegant design and easy installation

New easy installable elegant version of the Supernova STW

Optimized for wider seating arrangements, Supernova STW is the perfect display solution for conference rooms. Solutions with ultra-short throw projectors and the dnp Supernova STW offer large high-contrast images at around 50% of the cost of a similar sized LED/LCD flat panel. Now, dnp denmark introduces a new easy installable elegant version of the Supernova STW, that provides the usual perfect image quality in the measurements you want up to 120” in 16:9.

Perfect images, elegant design

Short throw projection requires a perfectly flat screen surface, since even the smallest wave becomes visible when the image is projected from a steep angle. The new screen comes with a very rigid anodized inner frame system and high-tension springs, that ensures perfect flatness. Even though the new frame is stronger, it is slick and appears more elegant in the room, when the screen and projector is not in use. To make installation easier, the old two-piece wall-mount system has been replaced by a single-piece wall-mount.

Choose a standard- or customize your own size

The visible frame is only 18 mm [0.71”] wide and 25 mm [1.0”] deep. dnp Supernova STW is available in the standard sizes 92”, 100”, 110” and 120” in 16:9 and in 92” and 100” in 16:10. Custom sizes are available in the following range: Maximum image width 2.651 mm. Maximum image height 1.491 mm.

Contact your dnp sales rep for more details.

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