Next-generation Supernova XL launched

The best-in-class screen just got even better

The original dnp Supernova XL Screen remains the world’s largest optical front projection screen that’s available as a single-screen solution. The Supernova XL has never been just about size, however, thanks to its excellent viewing experience and perfectly flat image. Now dnp denmark is proud to announce the next-generation Supernova XL, which delivers an even better picture. 

Improved viewing experience

“We’ve eliminated the overlap of the screen materials to ensure an image without any visible seams, which is the key to the best viewing experience,” says dnp VP Global Sales & Marketing, Soeren Kraemmergaard. “Our true optical lens technology delivers crisp high-contrast images without users having to dim the lights or draw the curtains.”

Ideal for large venues

The new Supernova XL is available in sizes all the way up to 240” in 16:9 format. Delivering an excellent viewing experience with near flat-screen quality, it’s an ideal and cost-effective solution for large venues such as big conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship. The combination of size, cost and performance also makes it an affordable alternative to our popular dnp Supernova Infinity Screen.

Easy and economical to transport and install

Our new Supernova XL Screen is designed to be transported rolled up in boxes of only 900 x 900 mm (length determined by screen height), which significantly reduces transport and handling costs. Two people can then assemble the screen on site in just a couple of hours, saving time and labour costs.

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