The future of digital signage is transparent

The transparent 80” dnp ClearSign sets new standards for advertising and digital signage. It’s bigger and much more cost-effective than the transparent LCD/OLED prototypes being announced these years. And best of all, it’s available right now!

dnp ClearSign is an advanced optical projection screen that is a crystal clear, meaning that there is absolutely no blurring of objects behind the screen. This means that you can display eye-catching images on it, still allowing the background behind the display to remain visible. A feature that has a positive effect on the entire shopping experience.

Next level instore advertising

“In the digital signage market there is huge interest in transparent displays, as they can make advertising a natural part of the retail environment. For some time, OLED/LED manufacturers have been showing transparent 55” prototypes without actually bringing products to market. Here we have a huge 80” display in a complete package at a very attractive price, just ready to install, says Soeren Kraemmergaard, dnp demark and continues. In opposition to the OLED/LED products, there is not even a slight blurring of the background to the screen.”

Complete package

The 80” dnp ClearSign works with Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors that shoot from steep angles and have a very small footprint. The rigid 8.3 mm thick screen is easy to clean and can be suspended from a ceiling, set on a floor stand or be installed into a wall.

dnp ClearSign is available with or without frame – or as a complete plug-and-play solution with screen, frame, wire suspension kit and a dnp laser projector.

Contact your dnp area sales manager for more details.


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