The ultimate meeting room and retail experiences at ISE 2018

Good meetings matter!

Office workers spend countless hours in meetings every week. But according to recent research* a lot of those hours are wasted. In fact, executives consider more than 67% of meetings to be failures!  As the world’s leading manufacturer of quality displays for meeting rooms, dnp denmark wants to help businesses improve their meeting room experiences.

“There is no place for poorly staged meetings in the modern world, ”says Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP Global Sales & Marketing at dnp. “When companies have better meetings, they make better decisions and increase productivity.”

See the latest dnp solutions for meeting rooms

At the ISE 2018 (February 6-9, 2018 - Amsterdam RAI, Stand #1-E50), we’ll be showcasing our latest solutions for better meetings.

Visit us and experience the latest in ambient light-rejecting dnp LaserPanel solutions, and check out our AV furniture that combines sound and images in a sleek, integrated design. In the dedicated ‘meeting room area’ of our stand, we’ll be showing the dnp Supernova Flex Classic and the dnp Supernova XL - now with a less visible seam. 

And the latest in digital signage

If your goal is to boost retail experiences, drop by our digital signage zone. Here, we proudly present the very popular dnp Supernova Blade, the dnp LaserPanel Touch, and we showcase a future possible transparent display solution. Since ‘seeing is believing’, we’ll also be running live comparison demos of dnp Supernova material with traditional projection surfaces. You’ll be amazed by how far ambient light-rejecting displays and screen definition have progressed in recent years!

See our ISE Press Release for more details. 

Meet us at ISE 2018

Contact your dnp sales rep to arrange a personal demonstration as ISE.

We look forward to seeing you!

dnp marketing

*) Source: Futuresource. Corporate AV End User Perspectives


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