Displays that present information and data are the most visible component of the systems you design and deliver. Select them carefully, from a brand you can trust.

Why choose a dnp display?

Why choose a dnp display?

  • 1Image quality conveys a vital impression of the whole system
  • 2dnp displays give screen uniformity, brightness, and vibrant colour under all kinds of light conditions
  • 3Thorough quality assurance and ISO product and process certification

With our extensive experience and screen manufacturing capacities, dnp denmark is a company you can trust, when you need to outsource. Leverage our screen technology and your brand, and you will be on your way to become a market leader.

If you design and build mission critical display cubes or custom systems for control rooms, operations centres or similar, you know how important it is to meet rigorous quality standards. In airport control towers, media studios, power plant OCs and – who knows? – even spacecraft mission centres, your clients have their eyes riveted to the screens you install.

Our projection screens perform flawlessly under mission critical conditions, backed up by thorough certification and dnp’s exemplary track record. With vivid colour contrast, exceptionally stable images and uniform palettes, no matter what the light conditions are, dnp displays are your most prominent system components.

We make sure they present you in the best light.

Become an OEM partner

If you want to learn more about the advantages of becoming a dnp OEM Partner contact Søren Kræmmergaard, our VP Sales & Marketing.

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