dnp CSI Screen Superior colour shift performance
dnp CSI Screen Superior colour shift performance


The dnp CSI Screen (Colour Shift Improvement) sets new standards for the image quality of multi-screen installation. It offers unsurpassed contrast, extremely wide viewing angles and high colour uniformity.

  • Multiple options for focal length
  • Smooth viewing angle experience
  • Low humidity expansion/absorption
  • Non glare easy clean surface
  • Compatible with all standard projector

The superior colour shift performance is achieved through advanced optical scattering particles in the screen base material, and in interplay with the black stripe prism structures - the outcome is a high efficiency screen suitable for especially relatively large display walls.

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Moreover, the dnp CSI Screen incorporates technology that eliminate speckle (small bright spots in the image) and the result is a smooth and clean image – even at close view.

The advanced lens design includes a Fresnel lens and two crossed prism lenticular structures with contrast enhancing dnp Black Stripe technology. As a result, the screen is extremely tolerant to ambient light. The front surface of the screen features a non glare, hard coat surface that protects the screen and avoids specular reflections from light sources such as windows and room lightning.

The dnp CSI Screen is highly resistant to unstable projection environments. While acrylic based screens expand/retract with room humidity, the dnp CSI Screen retains its dimensions. This allows design for cubes and display walls with almost invisible seams.

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