dnp Ultra Contrast Screen For brightly lit
large areas


The dnp Ultra Contrast Screen is especially designed for environments with high levels of ambient light such as brightly lit control rooms, airports and window displays. The screen has exceptionally good centre-to-corner brightness uniformity and displays bright, sharp images over a broad viewing area.

  • Ultra high contrast and sharpness
  • Extraordinary high brightness
  • Multiple options for focal length
  • Superb centre-to-corner brightness uniformity
  • Compatible with all standard projectors

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The advanced optical lens system and the special UCS lenticular offer high tolerance to ambient light and provide special technologies for enhancing contrast. This makes the dnp Ultra Contrast Screen well-suited for multi-screen installations in high-light environments such as control rooms and digital signage locations.

The dnp Ultra Contrast Screen is a double element screen with four active lens surfaces. The ultra-fine resolution allows the screen to be viewed at very close range. And the easy-clean front surface makes it suitable for applications where the screen is likely to be touched. The front UCS lenticular offers a smooth matt surface to the viewer with the vertical lenticular lenses facing the projector.

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