Available in 80” Crystal-clear
transparent screen

dnp ClearSignEye-catching displays are the trend

dnp ClearSign    is a crystal-clear transparent screen in 80” ideal for in-store environments, museums, receptions or other applications where a fully transparent screen is needed to create an eye-catching wow effect.

dnp ClearSign is based on optical screen technology and powered by ultra-short throw projector mounted either above or below the screen. The display can be installed into a wall, set on a floor stand or suspended by wires from the ceiling. 

The result is excellent featuring great images on a transparent surface.

  • Crystal clear transparent front projection display
  • Available with or without a frame
  • Solid robust and durable plastic screen
  • Compact, space-saving installation design
  • Projector mounting options – above or below the screen
  • Available with the dnp laser based ultra-short throw projector
  • Screen size: 80” in 16:9
  • Easy to clean

The screen’s light rejecting capabilities eliminates the need for a dedicated darkened room and thus extend the opportunities for quality viewing even in brightly lit in-store environments.

Two options to choose from
dnp ClearSign is available in 2 options. As a standalone display with-out any frame for wall build-in or with a frame allowing you to set it up on a floor stand or choose to suspend it from the ceiling in wires creating a floating image. 

Whether you choose a frame or not you can bundle the dnp ClearSign display with an ultra-short throw projector of your own choice or choose our dnp ultra-short throw laser-based projector that ensures the perfect result.

Use it for touch
The dnp ClearSign can be used as a touch screen for interactive purposes. The result is excellent featuring great images on a transparent surface.

  • Auditorium/sports arena
  • Conference room
  • Control room
  • TV studio
  • AdvertisingIn-store
  • AdvertisingWindow display
  • Home entertainmentBright
  • Education
  dnp ClearSign
Projection principle Front
Screen design With or withour frame
Maximum size in 16:9 80"
Maximum size in 16:10
Pre-assembled Yes
Screen surface Hard
Available screen materials Transparent


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