Screen and projector is A perfect match

dnp laser projectorultra short throw with power

There are several reasons why we have chosen to use solid-state-laser-illumination to our dnp ClearSign screen.

Long life
The main benefit of laser based projection is the long lifespan of the laser light source and thus the low maintenance costs. dnp ultra short throw projector offer a minimum of 20,000 hours without replacing the light source. This is equivalent to 2.3 years of continuous operation or more than 10 years of normal use.

Low maintenance
With a traditional lamp based projector you would have to replace bulbs 6-10 times during the life of a laser projector, thereby increasing the maintenance hassle- and costs significantly. With dnp ultra short throw projector there is no need to call and coordinate service people on a regular basis and users will enjoy better and more consistent picture quality throughout the life of the projector without interruptions or down time.

More colours
Laser light offers a wider colour gamut compared to traditional lamps. The increased colour space enables as much as 30% more colours and will give you more natural- and saturated pictures with higher colour resolution and more picture depth. The stable light source and the wide colour gamut is a strong combination that will give users better and more accurate pictures for a much longer period of time than obtainable with traditional lamps.

Instant on/off
Traditional lamps require time to warm up until they obtain full brightness and accurate colours. For some models this can take several minutes. The ultra short throw projector start-up and shut-down in less than 10 seconds. Instant on/off is reducing waiting time and is increasing efficiency.


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