Any screen size you want Endless size possibilities

dnp Supernova InfinityBuild the display you need

The dnp Supernova Infinity is a modular screen system that creates exceptionally large-sized viewing experiences out of any number of Supernova screen units. By fitting together Supernova screen panels using a uniquely developed support structure, the Supernova Infinity essentially transforms the revolutionary Supernova screen into a building block for creating large-scale displays with endless size possibilities. Choose between the STD version for standard-throw projectors or the UST version for ultra-short-throw projectors.

  • Unlimited screen size possibilities
  • Seamless viewing experience
  • Optical screen material for high contrast viewing in brightly lit surroundings
  • Choose between ultra-short-throw (UST) -or standard-throw (STD) screen material
  • Compatible with most ultra-short -and standard projectors

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Capture large audiences even from a great distance

The award-winning Supernova ALR screen materials absorb ambient light and provides high contrast projected images even in brightly lit surroundings such as conference rooms, shopping centres and exhibition halls.

The dnp Supernova Infinity features two types of screen materials engineered to fit projectors with different LTR. Use the Supernova 08-85 for standard-throw projectors or use the Supernova STL05 for ultra-short-throw projectors. Both screen materials are true optical ALR screen materials with +/- 85 degree viewing cone that are perfect for very wide seating arrangements.

The modular construction is customized for every product to meet the size and individual requirements of the finished screen, hence number and size of screen panels is designed for the specific installation.

The dnp Supernova Infinity screen can be curved, angled or tilted, and it can be installed on the wall, from the ceiling or raised on a floor-stand. Options are endless.

  • Auditorium/sports arena
  • Conference room
  • Control room
  • TV studio
  • AdvertisingIn-store
  • AdvertisingWindow display
  • Home entertainmentBright
  • Education
  dnp Supernova Infinity
Projection principle Front
Screen design No frame/Fixed frame
Maximum size in 16:9 Unlimited
Maximum size in 16:10 Unlimited
Pre-assembled No
Screen surface Hard
Available screen materials Supernova 08-85 / Short Throw Lenticular technology

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