Screen size up to 231" STE – for seamless images on an extended wide screen

dnp Supernova STEBigger and more cost-effective than LCD flat screens

Designed for edge-blending displays where several projectors generate a seamless image onto an extended wide screen. The Supernova STE screen material is available in sizes up to 181” in 32:10 and up to 231” in 46:10 format.

  • Best-in-class performance with Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors
  • Compact, space-saving installation design
  • Black/White Lenticular Technology
  • For multi-projector, edge-blending displays
  • Enables projection of seamless image onto wide screen

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Short Throw – Big impact!

Projection solutions with dnp Supernova STE Screens offer large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED/LCD flat screen.

A 100” dnp Supernova STE paired with a suitable projector cost around 50% of a leading-brand LED-backlit LCD screen. And, if the display includes a laser projector, low running costs and no lamp changes will drive down the total cost of ownership.

STW illustration

  • Auditorium/sports arena
  • Conference room
  • Control room
  • TV studio
  • AdvertisingIn-store
  • AdvertisingWindow display
  • Home entertainmentBright
  • Education
  dnp Supernova STE
Projection principle Front
Screen design Fixed frame
Maximum size in 16:9 231" (only 32:10 or 46:10 format)
Maximum size in 16:10 231" (only 32:10 or 46:10 format)
Pre-assembled No
Screen surface Soft
Available screen materials Short Throw Lenticular technology

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