HiCon Ambient Light Filter Contrast-enhancing
screen material

HiCon Ambient Light Filter Screen MaterialHigh contrast projection screen material

Free your customers from the confinement of dark projection rooms and let them experience clear, high-contrast images even in daylight or with the lights turned on.

  • High-contrast images in rooms with high ambient light
  • Enhanced colour reproduction, broader colour gamut
  • Minimized hotspots, speckles and shimmer
  • ISF certified screen material available
  • Scratch resistant easy-clean surface
  • Contrast-enhancing lenticular lens structure
  • Reflective surface

Delivering contrast ratios way above what is achievable with standard projection screens, the HiCon screen material opens the door to attractive markets. 

Applications include high-end home theatres and multipurpose projection rooms for the residential market as well as meeting rooms or classrooms.



HiCon is a contrast-enhancing screen material that protects against the effects of ambient light on front projection screens.

The screen material comprises a miniature overlay of lenses that block light coming from certain angles. The result is that screens with HiCon material delivers up to six times better image contrast than conventional standard screens depending on environment.

The ultrathin screen material is made up of several layers, each with their own optical properties. The lens system admits projected light to pass through and to be reflected back towards the viewer. Meanwhile, unwanted light hitting the screen from other angles is blocked out and absorbed.


ISF certified HiCon BS 08-85 screen material for wide seating arrangements and for use with single less powerful projectors. Can be used with multiple projectors in edgeblending solutions.

The HiCon screen material is manufactured by dnp, the world’s leading manufacturer of lens technology and surfaces for optical projection screens. Production takes place on highly specialised equipment in a clinically controlled environment.

HiCon screen material is available in rolls or sheets.

Thickness: 0.292 mm +/- 0.040 mm.

Screen material width on roll: 1590 mm +/- 3 mm
Maximum image height: 1520 mm +/- 3 mm

Corresponding diagonal measurements:
2.40:1 format: Maximum 155.6” diagonal
16:9 format: Maximum 122.1” diagonal
16:10 format: Maximum 112.9” diagonal
4:3 format: Maximum 99.7” diagonal

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