dnp Supernova Fresnel lens technology

Enhanced gain and brightness uniformity

dnp Supernova Fresnel lens technology is optimized for ultra-short-throw projectors. It uses a half-circle Fresnel lens to direct incident light from the projector towards the audience in front of the screen.

Based on the same concept as dnp applies in rear-projection, the Fresnel lens works by causing the active “front side” of the lens to reflect the incident light (which enters from a steep angle) straight out from the screen toward the audience, instead of reflecting to the ceiling or the floor, where it is not needed. By doing this, the screen increases the brightness and/or increases uniformity compared to other projection screens.

When the projector is below the screen, the ambient light coming from a different angle than the projected light enters the passive “back side” of the lens and is not reflected towards the audience. This increases the image quality dramatically compared to traditional projection screens, where ambient light is reflected with the projected light and washes out colours and reduces contrast.

The lens is protected with a surface coating, making this screen technology suitable for touch and interactive uses.

Available for: dnp Supernova STS


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