Optical Technology Optical Front Projection

Quality images in bright rooms

Great news! You don’t have to dim the lights any more. The large, elegantly designed, award-winning dnp Supernova Screen works perfectly in brightly-lit indoor environments.

Lights on? You may get eye contact, interact with your audience and/or keep viewers alert and involved. Lights off? Everyone gets to focus on the screen. The dnp Supernova Screen makes an impact in all kinds of indoor viewing environments.

Big display - Easy installation

dnp Supernova gives you the high quality images (typically associated with rear projection) without the space requirements behind.

The unique combination of technologies in dnp Supernova enhances both image contrast and brightness. You get up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens.

That means more vivid colours, more detailed images, and you only need a small projector – so system cost goes down.

An active high-contrast filter in the display material reflects the projected image at the same time as absorbing available light from other angles. Read more about dnp Supernova display material fixed displays and retractable display models.


dnp Supernova Screen materials

dnp Supernova Screens feature three types of optical technologies. Black Filter Technology, which is suited to Standard and Long Throw projection; Fresnel Lens Technology; and Black/White lenticular technology, which is designed to complement Short Throw projection display solutions.

Ask your dnp dealer to help you find the best screen and material for your needs.


Supernova display types


If you're looking for a permanently installed front projection system with the projector ceiling or table-mounted, fixed Supernova Displays are the way to go. dnp fixed displays come in standard projection formats and are compatible with standard projectors:

Model Key feature Max size
dnp Supernova Blade Frameless, space-saving design 120"
dnp Supernova One The original Supernova 120"
dnp Supernova Core A cost-effective option 120"
dnp Supernova Infinity Modular – you decide the size Infinite
dnp Supernova XL World's largest optical single screen 240"


A stow-away screen is a neat solution for conference rooms and home cinemas. dnp Supernova Flex Classic is the ultimate in retractable projection display. It rolls up and down at the touch of a button and offers all the advantages of our image enhancement technology. You don't even have to switch off the lights, since the image quality of the dnp Supernova stays vivid and colorful regardless. Available in sizes 100'' to 120''.

Model Key feature Max size
dnp Supernova Flex Classic Motorized, retractable screen 120"


Our three dnp Supernova Short Throw (ST) Screens are the perfect complement to UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors. Not only great in conventional meeting rooms, but also more challenging environments like auditoriums, control rooms, simulation displays and digital signage systems.

Model Key feature Max size
dnp Supernova STS Ideal for standard viewing angles 100"
dnp Supernova STW For wider seating arrangements 120"



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