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Flat screen viewing - at the best price ever

The public’s appetite for bigger, brighter, smoother, more dynamic images is growing. That’s why we’ve created a new category of optical flat display solutions that makes big-screen viewing much more affordable.

The 100” dnp LaserPanel combines a high contrast dnp optical display with a short-throw laser projector. It gives you pristine big-screen images at half the cost of LCD flat screens. Great for use in meeting rooms, lecture halls, retail shops, sports bars or, for that matter, living rooms.

Easy-to-install one-box solution

dnp LaserPanel is an affordable, accessible solution for anyone with big-screen ambitions. More affordable to buy and more economical to run than an LCD screen. What’s more, it comes in a convenient, all-in-one solution that includes everything you need. The display is mounted on the wall, and powered by the laser projector – which can be mounted above or below it, or hidden away in a furniture solution.

Choose between a standard dnp LaserPanel and a Touch version.


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