The ultimate in large display projection

Looking for the ultimate in image quality? If you have enough space for a built-in solution, and like to keep the equipment hidden, optical rear projection is the answer.

dnp optical rear projection screens deliver up to 4 times brighter and sharper images than conventional front and rear projection screens. These optical displays use light so effectively that you can even use them to project large images in brightly lit rooms.

The ultimate in large display projection

With the projector positioned behind the display, a presenter can stand in front of the image without casting shadows or being disturbed by light from the projector.

Unlike conventional diffusion screens, dnp optical displays are dynamic. Their built-in lens system focuses and enhances the rear-projected image to give you crisp high-contrast images from all angles.

Optical rear projection is ideal for control rooms including mission critical applications, conference roomsairports and shopping malls. Anywhere with a high level of ambient light. They also make for classy residential installations, and work flawlessly with modern home theater projectors.


Advanced optical lens technology

Rear projection means that the projector is placed behind the dnp display, and aimed straight forward towards the audience. But the real secret lies in the advanced optical lens technologies that controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into the viewing zone.

dnp optical rear projection displays give you the sharp focus of Fresnel lenses with the distributive properties of lenticular lenses. The Fresnel lens on the projector side focuses projected light at straight out from the screen. This enables perfect light distribution with even screen luminance. The vertical lenticular lenses on the display "catch" the light and spread it across a wide viewing area.

It’s a powerful combination!


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