Boost your projector and get 7 times more contrast

Boost your projector

Pair your projector with a dnp optical projection screen and get up to 2 times more brightness and up to 7 times more image contrast compared to a white screen.


With an optical dnp Supernova Screen in front of your projector, the image can be twice as bright and the contrast up to seven times higher than with a standard white screen. Thanks to this extra screen performance you can project high quality images without having to darken the room – or you can use a less expensive lower lumens projector to obtain the same contrast level as using a more expensive higher lumens projector with a standard white screen.

Better images in bright environments

Until recently, projection on big screens was only possible in a darkened room. Now, thanks to dnp denmarks optical screens and the unique contrast-enhancement technology, you can project high-quality images in brightly lit environments.

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Comply with recommended contrast levels for bright meeting rooms

Empirical studies show that for a viewer to be able to see detailed information clearly, the minimum acceptable image contrast is 15:1, which is also the industry standard requirement for meeting rooms. In a bright meeting room, a conventional front projection screen produces an image that looks pale and washed out. An optical screen, however, will give you brighter whites, deeper blacks and more vivid colours.

Calculate the difference between a white screen and a dnp Supernova Screen

Screen options and bundles

dnp denmark offers a full range of optical screens for projectors with standard throw (LTR from 1.5 and up). For Ultra Short Throw projectors, see our Ultra Short Throw projector screens or take a look at our bundles containing a UST projector, UST screen along with different kind of AV furnitures or a projector mount - dnp LaserPanel.


dnp optical screens are compatible for alle standard throw projectors. The following 3000-6000 lumens projectors should be paired with a dnp Supernova screen to enhance contrast:

Epson: EB-S39, EB-X39, EB-W39, EB-2042, EB-108, EB-970, EB-980W, EB-990U, EB-S05, EB-X05, EB-W05, EB-U05, EB-S41, EB-X41, EB-W41, EB-W42, EB-U42, EB-X04, EB-S31, EB-S03, EB-W32, EB-W31, EB-U32, EB-S04, EB-W04, EB-S27, EB-W03, EB-X03, EB-S18, EB-W18, EB-X18, EB-X24, EB-S17, EPSON EB-S02H, EPSON EB-93H, EPSON EB-X14, EPSON EB-X14H, EPSON EB-S11, EPSON EB-S02, EPSON EB-S01, EPSON EB-S12, EPSON EB-X11, EB-W02, EPSON EB-X02, EPSON EB-W12, EPSON EB-X12, EPSON EB-905, EPSON EB-93, EPSON EB-915W, EPSON EB-1920W, EB-2142W, EB-2247U, EB-L1715S, EB-L1000U, EB-2265U, EB-2255U, EB-2165W, EB-2155W, EB-2065, EB-2055, EB-2040, EB-2250U, EB-5520W, EB-5530U, EB-L1105U, EB-L1405U, EB-L1100U, EB-G7900U, EB-G7000W, EB-4770W, EB-1970W, EB-1975W, EB-1980WU, EB-4650, EB-4950WU, EB-4550, EPSON EB-4750W, EB-4850WU, EPSON EB-G6900WU, EPSON EB-G6450WU, EPSON EB-G6650WU, EPSON EB-G6550WU, EPSON EB-G6050W, EPSON EB-1935, EPSON EB-Z8000WU, EPSON EB-1965, EPSON EB-1960, EPSON EB-1945W, EPSON EB-1940W, EPSON EB-1955, EPSON EB-1950, EPSON EB-1930, EPSON EB-G5650W, EPSON EB-G5650WNL, EPSON EB-G5950, EPSON EB-D6155W, EPSON EB-G5600NL, EPSON EB-G5600 Sony: Sony VPL-CH350, Sony VPL-CH355, Sony VPL-CH370, Sony VPL-CH375, Sony VPL-CW276, Sony VPL-CX276, Sony VPL-DX221, Sony VPL-DX241, Sony VPL-EW435, Sony VPL-EW455, Sony VPL-EW575, Sony VPL-EW578, Sony VPL-EX435, Sony VPL-EX455, Sony VPL-EX575, Sony VPL-FH31W, Sony VPL-FH500L, Sony VPL-FH60B, Sony VPL-FH60W, Sony VPL-FH65B, Sony VPL-FH65W, Sony VPL-FHZ120L, Sony VPL-FHZ57B, Sony VPL-FHZ57W, Sony VPL-FHZ58B, Sony VPL-FHZ58W, Sony VPL-FHZ60B, Sony VPL-FHZ60W, Sony VPL-FHZ61B, Sony VPL-FHZ61W, Sony VPL-FHZ65BJ, Sony VPL-FHZ65B, Sony VPL-FHZ65W, Sony VPL-FHZ66B, Sony VPL-FHZ66W, Sony VPL-FHZ700LB, Sony VPL-FHZ700LW, Sony VPL-FHZ90L, Sony VPL-FW60, Sony VPL-FW65, Sony VPL-FWZ60, Sony VPL-FWZ65, Sony VPL-FX500L, Sony VPL-GT100, Sony VPL-HW45ES, Sony VPL-HW65ES, Sony VPL-PHZ10, Sony VPL-PWZ10, Sony VPL-SW235, Sony VPL-SW631CM, Sony VPL-SW631M, Sony VPL-SX236, Sony VPL-SX631M, Sony VPL-VW1100ES, Sony VPL-VW285ES, Sony VPL-VW385ES, Sony VPL-VW5000ES, Sony VPL-VW675ES, Sony VPL-VW885ES, Sony VPL-VZ1000ES Optoma: Optoma 4K500, Optoma DU380, Optoma EH200ST, Optoma EH319UST, Optoma EH319USTi, Optoma EH320UST, Optoma EH320USTi, Optoma EH331, Optoma EH334, Optoma EH336, Optoma EH415ST, Optoma EH416, Optoma EH460ST, Optoma EH465, Optoma EH470, Optoma EH500, Optoma EH503, Optoma EH504WIFI, Optoma EH505, Optoma EH515, Optoma EH515T, Optoma EH515TST, Optoma EH615T, Optoma GT1080, Optoma GT1080Darbee, Optoma GT5500+, Optoma GT750ST, Optoma GT760A, Optoma H183x, Optoma HD142x, Optoma HD143X, Optoma HD27, Optoma HD27e, Optoma HD28DSE, Optoma HD29Darbee, Optoma HD39Darbee, Optoma IntelliGO-S1, Optoma ML550, Optoma ML750, Optoma ML750ST, Optoma S341, Optoma S365, Optoma UHD50, Optoma UHD51A, Optoma UHD60, Optoma UHD65, Optoma UHZ65, Optoma W303ST, Optoma W304M, Optoma W316ST, Optoma W319UST, Optoma W320UST, Optoma W320USTi, Optoma W331, Optoma W341, Optoma W345, Optoma W355, Optoma W365, Optoma W400+, Optoma W416, Optoma W460, Optoma W490, Optoma W504, Optoma W505, Optoma W515, Optoma W515T, Optoma WU1500, Optoma WU334, Optoma WU336, Optoma WU416, Optoma WU465, Optoma WU470, Optoma WU515, Optoma WU515T, Optoma WU515TST, Optoma WU615T, Optoma WU630, Optoma X305ST, Optoma X316ST, Optoma X341, Optoma X345, Optoma X355, Optoma X365, Optoma X400+, Optoma X416, Optoma X460, Optoma X515, Optoma X600, Optoma X605e, Optoma ZH400UST, Optoma ZH420UST-B, Optoma ZH420UST-W, Optoma ZH510T-B, Optoma ZU1050, Optoma ZU510T-B, Optoma ZU510T-W, Optoma ZU650+, Optoma ZU660, Optoma ZU850, Optoma ZW300UST, Optoma ZW300USTi Vivitek: Vivitek D5010-WNL, Vivitek D5110W-WNL, Vivitek D5190HD-WNL, Vivitek D756USTi, Vivitek D757WT, Vivitek D803W-3D, Vivitek D963HD, Vivitek D96A-BK, Vivitek DH268, Vivitek DH3331, Vivitek DH4661Z-BK, Vivitek DH4661Z-WH, Vivitek DH4665Z-BK, Vivitek DH558, Vivitek DH559, Vivitek DH6671, Vivitek DH6861, Vivitek DH758UST, Vivitek DH759USTi, Vivitek DH765Z-UST, Vivitek DH833, Vivitek DH976-WT, Vivitek DK8500Z-BK, Vivitek DK8500Z-WH, Vivitek DS234, Vivitek DS262, Vivitek DU3341, Vivitek DU4661Z-WH, Vivitek DU4671Z-BK, Vivitek DU4671Z-WH, Vivitek DU4675Z-BK, Vivitek DU5671, Vivitek DU6675, Vivitek DU6690Z-BK, Vivitek DU6690Z-WH, Vivitek DU6771-WH, Vivitek DU6871, Vivitek DU7090Z, Vivitek DU7095Z-BK,Vivitek DU7095Z-WH, Vivitek DU8090Z-BK, Vivitek DU8090Z-WH, Vivitek DU8190Z, Vivitek DU9000, Vivitek DU978-WT

The projector market is constantly on the move. If you want to know if a projector that is not on the list fits a dnp Supernova screen please contact our sales staff.


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