Boost your UST projector and get 7 times more contrast

Boost your UST projector

Pair your Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projector with a dnp optical short-throw-screen and get more brightness and up to 7 times more image contrast compared to a white screen.


The popularity of Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projectors is increasing. They are not only cost-effective, but also space saving as they can be mounted right above or below the screen with a very short projection distance. This solves the problem of having a noisy projector right above- or on the meeting table and ugly wires running across the room. Moreover, the presenter can stand in front of the image without casting a shadow on the screen.

But there is also a downside with UST projectors: they have limited brightness. Fortunately, there is an answer to that: dnp optical short-throw-screens.

With an optical dnp Supernova Short Throw (ST) screen in front of your UST projector, the image will be brighter and the contrast up to seven times better, compared to a standard white screen. Thanks to this extra screen performance you can project high quality images without having to darken the room – or you can use a less expensive lower lumens projector to obtain the same contrast level as using a more expensive higher lumens projector with a standard white screen.

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Bigger and more cost-effective than LED/LCD flat screens

Projection solutions with UST projectors and the dnp ST Screens offer large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED/LCD flat screen. A 100” dnp ST Screen paired with a suitable projector cost around 50% of a leading-brand LED-backlit LCD screen of the same size. And, if the display includes a laser projector, low running costs and no lamp changes will drive down the total cost of ownership.

Comply with recommended contrast levels for bright meeting rooms

Empirical studies show that for a viewer to be able to see detailed information clearly, the minimum acceptable image contrast is 15:1, which is also the industry standard requirement for meeting rooms. This is NOT achievable using a standard white front projection screen in normal lit environments. In a bright meeting room, a conventional front projection screen produces an image that looks pale and washed out.

If you want an excellent presentation experience with brighter whites, deeper blacks and more vivid colours you need to pair your UST projector with an optical screen which is optimized for UST projectors.

Screen options and bundles

dnp offers three different screen models for UST projectors (typical LTR 0.19 – 0.30): For projectors with standard throw, see the standard projector section or take a look at our bundles containing a UST projector, UST screen along with different kind of AV furnitures or a projector mount - dnp LaserPanel.


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