FAQ - ClearSign

Frequently asked questions about dnp ClearSign

  • Is the dnp ClearSign Screen really crystal clear?

    Yes, it makes absolutely no “blurring” of objects behind the screen, which is very unique compared to transparent OLED and LCD displays.

  • What happens if my projector does not fit perfectly to the “ideal” projector position?

    The image brightness is impacted slightly, however it does not make a significant difference.

  • Is the screen available in custom sizes and shapes?

    No, it is not possible to cut the screen to a smaller dimension because of risk of delamination.

  • How does the screen work optically?

    Inside the screen is a matted Fresnel lens structure, which is coated with a semi-reflective mirror coating. Because of the full optical coupling between the layers in the screen, the screen appears like a transparent (dark tinted) window – and at the same time it will reflect the projected image back to the audience within a viewing cone of +/- 15°.

  • Is the image visibile outside the viewing cone range?

    Yes, however it gets weaker the steeper the viewing angle is.

  • Does the screen show image both on the front and rear side?

    No, only on the front side. At the backside, there is a very faint image, which can hardly be noticed.

  • Can the frame be painted?

    Yes, the frame can be painted in any RAL color.

  • Is the screen usable for videoconferencing?

    Yes, because it does not show any image on the backside, then a camera can be placed right in the center behind the screen – and the video conference will get the true experience of having eye contact.

  • Does the screen generate stray light?

    Yes, when projecting from below, there will be generated a “ghost image” on the ceiling both in front of the screen (because of front surface reflections) and behind the screen (because the mirror coating on the Fresnel structure is only semi-reflecting).

  • How can the screen be cleaned?

    Use a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Take care not to scratch the screen surface.

  • Will a surface scratch impact the image appearance?

    No, the lens structured is inside the screen and therefore protected from surface damages.

  • Can the screen be used as a touch screen?

    Yes, it is possible to “integrate” the screen in a touch technology context, i.e. by using the dnp ClearSign Screen with the dnp interactive touch projector or a IR touch frame solution.


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