Frequently asked questions about dnp LaserPanel

  • Can I get the dnp LaserPanel in different sizes and formats?

    No, the dnp LaserPanels are only available in 100” 16:9.

  • What is the difference between the dnp LaserPanel and the dnp LaserPanel Touch?

    There are several differences. See the datasheet for a detailed side-by-side comparison of features. The screens are very different: The screen for the dnp LaserPanel is a soft screen with wide viewing cone whereas the screen for the dnp LaserPanel Touch is a rigid screen with high brightness. The projectors are basically the same except for the build-in IR camera in the dnp LaserPanel Touch projector. Besides this the dnp LaserPanel Touch comes with IR pens, projector mount, LaserCurtain and WiFi dongle, which are not included for the dnp LaserPanel.

  • What are the different optical screen technologies used in the dnp LaserPanels?

    We use two different high contrast optical screen technologies: Linear lens technology and circular lens technology. The screen for the dnp LaserPanel has a linear (lenticular) lens structure, with reflector on the front surface, which enables very good uniformity and wide viewing angles but is sensible to touching. The screen for the dnp LaserPanel Touch has a half-circular (Fresnel) lens structure and reflector on the backside, which enables higher brightness and a durable surface for frequent touching and easy cleaning.

  • Which dnp LaserPanel should I choose?

    It depends on several things. First of all it depends on if you require touch interactivity or not. If so, the dnp LaserPanel Touch is the obvious choice. If this is not required the ambient light level in your room, audience seating, projector position and budget are other considerations for choosing the right product.

  • Why can’t I position the projector above the screen on a dnp LaserPanel?

    The linear lens technology has a triangular shaped lens structure with reflection area downwards and absorption area upwards. If the projector is positioned above the screen the incoming light from the projector will be absorbed, like the ambient light. You could position the projector above the screen if you reverse the screen but in this case the image contrast will be influenced by ambient light from above.

  • Is the image quality better if the projector is positioned below the screen in a dnp LaserPanel Touch?

    Yes, image contrast is better with the projector below the screen because the backside of the circular Fresnel lens is not reflecting incoming ambient light effectively. When the Fresnel center is upwards and the projector is above the screen some ambient light is reflected by the frontside of the lens. This situation is however better for interactive use and is still superior to other ultra-short-throw solutions.

  • What touch technology is used in dnp LaserPanel Touch?

    The projector is equipped with an IR camera that registers the signal from the IR pen or the LaserCurtain module.

  • Can I clean the screens on dnp LaserPanels?

    The screen for the dnp LaserPanel Touch has a very durable surface, which is designed for touching and easy cleaning. Use a dry eraser, damp cloth, monitor cleaner or window cleaner to get the screen back to as it was new. The screen for dnp LaserPanel is quite different. It has a relatively sensitive surface structure that is not suitable for touching because the lenses can get damaged. With carefulness the surface can be cleaned with a feather duster or a damp cloth moving sideways along the lenses, not across.

  • How do I do maintenance on the projector?

    In normal environments (i.e. conference rooms) you should not need to do other maintenance than to dust off the projector with a feather duster or soft cloth occasionally. Make sure that dust or other particles or items are not covering the ventilation openings. If the glass on the projector is dirty, clean it with window cleaner, monitor cleaner or similar detergent that you use to clean glasses, mirrors, spectacles, etc. If the cabinet is dirty use a water-soaked cloth to wipe it clean. In dusty environments, i.e. high pollution areas, it may be necessary to vacuum clean or replace the dust filter inside the projector (see the manual on how to do this). The frequency, of course, depends on the environment. Note! there is a timer function in the projector that can be set to give an alert when it is time to look after or replace the dust filter.

  • How do I clean the LaserPanel furniture?

    The dnp LaserPanel cabinets are standard office furniture with a painted surface. Use a soft cloth to un-dust the cabinet or use a water-soaked cloth to wipe it clean if more dirty.

  • What does the WiFi dongle do?

    The WiFi dongle that is included with the dnp LaserPanel Touch makes a local WiFi access point that can be accessed from nearby wireless devices after installing a free app. Connected devices can then send information wirelessly to the screen, which is a perfect way of collaborating without the hassle of cables. The screen can be shared by up to four users simultaneously. 

  • Can I browse the Internet when connected to the WiFi dongle?

    This can only be done if the projector is wirelessly connected to a network with internet access. In that case you can browse the internet via the projector as access point.

  • Do you have the dnp LaserPanels in other color options?

    No, the dnp LaserPanels only have one color option. The screens have slightly different frame design but the basic color is black. The projectors are white. The furniture is white.

  • Can I buy the projector separately?

    No, the projector is a component of the dnp LaserPanel and is not sold separately.

  • Can I buy the cabinets separately?

    No, the dnp LaserPanel furniture is a component of the dnp LaserPanel solutions and is not sold separately.

  • How is the dnp LaserPanels and solutions shipping?

    The dnp LaserPanels and dnp LaserPanel solutions are always shipped together on one pallet. The number of boxes varies, of course, with the specific solution.

  • Can I install the LaserPanel in portrait mode?

    Yes, this is possible but only with the projector on the left side of the screen so the air intake is from below and exhaust airflow is upwards. Please note that doing so will influence the ambient light rejecting feature. When you rotate the screen 90 degrees the ambient light rejecting function is now primarily against sidelight from the right and not against overhead light. Beware of light sources on the left.

  • What does Business line and Executive line entail?

    We have created two stylish furniture lines for the dnp LaserPanels that hide the projector. Choose between a motorized cabinet - the Executive line, or the manually operated cabinet - the Business line. No matter which line you choose the result is an elegant piece of AV furniture that lets images, sound and design capture the room. The cabinets are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

  • How does the Executive line motorised projector cabinet function?

    The cabinet is operated with 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. When pressing a button on the top of the cabinet the door automatically opens and the projector swings in position. Press the button again to close the door and hide away the projector when it is not in use. The projector is stored vertically in the motorized cabinet. Remember to turn off the projector before closing the cabinet – otherwise the projector will overheat after some time.

  • How does the Business line manual projector cabinet function?

    This is a sturdy and very precise manual drawer with a push-spring-opening that opens the projector drawer smoothly after it has been pressed in. The movement is linear like a normal drawer. The projector is stored horizontally inside the cabinet. Remember to turn off the projector before closing the cabinet – otherwise the projector will overheat after some time.

  • What happens if I forget to turn off the projector before I close the cabinet?

    For a short period of time nothing happens but after some time the enclosed space will not offer enough cooling for the projector and it will eventually shut off due to overheating. This is not good for the projector and it will reduce the lifespan due to overstress on the hardware.

  • Do I need to use special cables for the projector cabinets?

    There are no special requirements for the Executive line cabinet but due to the limited space inside the Business line cabinet you need to use angled connectors. Included with all Business line solutions there is an angled power cord extension cable and a 2m angled hdmi source cable. As angled connectors could block other sockets you must check the positions of the required sockets on the backside of the projector and ensure that the correct angled cables are chosen.

  • How do I align the projector to perfectly fit the screen?

    Inside the cabinet the projector is installed on an advanced mount that allows easy six axis adjustments. The mount was developed by dnp denmark and is dnp denmark proprietary.

  • Can I buy the mechanics inside only and build my own cabinet?

    Currently we do not offer such a solution.

  • Are the cabinets made by dnp denmark?

    The projector cabinets are designed by dnp denmark but manufactured by a different Danish company. Same company manufactures all dnp LaserPanel furniture.

  • Do I have to assemble the cabinets?

    No, all cabinets ship assembled. All you need to do is hang it on a flat wall and mount front door, drawers, shelfs and top covers.

  • Can I design my individual furniture configuration?

    No, this is not possible. We offer several standard options and one will hopefully fit your need.

  • Can I make get the LaserPanel cabinets in a different color than white?

    No, white is our standard color.

  • What is the difference between single- and double cabinets?

    The different side cabinets have exactly same height and depth, the only difference is the width. The single cabinets have one compartment and the double cabinets have two compartments - but each compartment is same size.

  • Can I get the furniture in custom size?

    No, we offer different standard sizes but no custom sizes available.

  • What kind of wood is used in the cabinets?

    All cabinets are made from high quality MDF and painted with very durable polyurethane painting that will not turn yellowish over time.

  • Can I get the cabinet doors in a different color than white?

    No, white is our standard color for both the wooden door and the fabric door.

  • Why should I choose a solution with fabric door oppose to a wooden door?

    The fabric door is transparent to IR signals and soundwaves, which makes it possible to communicate with IR devices and listening to speakers with the door closed.

  • What is a top cover?

    In the top of the cabinets there is an opening for easy wiring of cables from electrical units on top of cabinets. These openings are covered with different brushed aluminum covers for a nice aesthetic finishing. We use two different covers: Type A with an oblong opening for wiring and type B without an opening for no wiring. See pictures on our website for better understanding.

  • Are shelves included with cabinets?

    All side cabinets include a shelf in each compartment. In compartments with drawers there is no need for the shelf so this can be used elsewhere.

  • Are wall brackets included with cabinets?

    Wall brackets are included in all dnp LaserPanel solutions. The wall brackets are in separate boxes and not to be found inside the side cabinet boxes. Please note that different mounts are used for single- and double compartment cabinets. 


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