FAQ - Supernova Blade

Frequently asked questions about dnp Supernova Blade

  • Doesn’t the Supernova Blade have a surrounding frame?

    No, the Supernova Blade is 100% frameless. There is no frame at all, enabling a perfect floating edge-to-edge picture

  • Does the Supernova Blade come with both wall mount- and ceiling mount?

    Yes, both hanging options are available with the same Supernova Blade. Wall- and ceiling kits are both included in the box for your preferred way of installation. Mounts on the backside of the screen are either used to hang on wall brackets (included) or attached to steel wires (included) that are connected to nice metal ceiling mount brackets (included)

  • Can the mounts be seen/do they disturb the picture quality?

    The Supernova Blade mounts are positioned on the backside of the Blade and are thus not interfering in the projected picture. With the screen free floating in a room the black mounts on the black backplate are not noticeable

  • How is it hung on the wall?

    Included in the box are two wall mounts that the screen is hung to. Spacers are used at the bottom of the screen to ensure perfect vertical alignment and strong magnets are holding the screen in place to the wall

  • What is the colour of the wires?

    Supernova Blade is hanging in natural coloured steel-wires.

  • How strong are the wires?

    Each 1.5mm steel-wire has a breakage-strength of 1800N, which is equivalent to 183 kg/404 lbs load

  • Does it wave when hanging in the ceiling?

    The weight of the screen makes it quite stable but if there is significant airflow in the room that hits the screen it may sway somewhat - depending on the amount of airflow.

  • Can the Supernova Blade be hung in front of a window?

    The Supernova Blade is blocking all light from behind (zero transparency through the aluminum backplate). Sunlight from behind will not destroy the projected image. NOTE! The operating temperature limitations are 10-40°C/50-104°F. Ensure that the screen will not exceed this temperature when hit by direct sunlight

  • What’s the longest drop for a ceiling mounted Supernova Blade?

    The drop is determined by the length of the wires. Included with a Supernova Blade are two steel wires of 5m/16.4ft length. The drop is fully adjustable up to the maximum wire length. If you need longer wires dnp denmark can facilitate that

  • Can it be cleaned?

    Supernova Blade can be cleaned as other Supernova Screens (see cleaning instruction for Supernova One). Use an ordinary window cleaner with ammonia or alcohol and clean with a paint pad or lint-free cloth.

  • Is the Supernova Blade available with different screen materials?

    Yes, Supernova Blade comes either with 08-85 screen material or the high-gain 23-23 material.

  • Is the Supernova Blade available in custom sizes (incl. aspect ratios)?

    It is possible to get a Supernova Blade in custom size for an extra fee. The limitations are 1.5m/58.8” height and 2.67m/104.6” width. Custom size is everything else than 100” or 110” or 120” in 16:9 format

  • Does the Supernova Blade need to be installed by an AV professional?

    Installation does not require an AV professional, but we recommend that the installation is done by somebody who is familiar with this type of product – especially to perfectly align the screen with the projector. NOTE! You need two persons to install the screen

  • What is the optimum projector position for the Supernova Blade?

    The optimum position of the projector is perpendicular to the screen center (but not often practical). With the projector 105% off-axis (5% above the image) the minimum distance to the screen for Supernova 08-85 is 1.5 times the image width and for Supernova 23-23 1.8 times the image width. If the projector is further away it can be more off-axis. If the incident angle is too step the light will be blocked/absorbed by the optical lens structure

  • Can the Supernova Blade be used with a short-throw projector?

    No, Supernova Blade comes with Supernova 08-85 or Supernova 23-23 material, which requires a minimum throw distance of respectively 1.5 times- or 1.8 times the image width.


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