FAQ - Supernova Flex Classic

Frequently asked questions about dnp Supernova Flex Classic

  • What are the main components of the Supernova Flex Classic?

    The main components are the optical screen, dark grey drop above the screen, tubular motor, remote control, housing and mounting system.

  • For Supernova Flex Classic, which screen materials are available?

    The Supernova Flex Classic is outfitted with the highly awarded Supernova 08-85 screen material. Please refer to the screen materials section for more information about the benefits of the Supernova screen technology.

  • Can the tension of the screen be adjusted to improve flatness?

    It is not possible to manually adjust the screen tension. The screen material is automatically tensioned by springs in the bottom bar.

  • Does the remote control operate with IR or RF signals?

    The Supernova Flex Classic is operated by an IR remote control.

  • Can remote operation be changed to IR remote?

    It is possible for an extra cost and extended delivery time.

  • Can the Supernova Flex Classic be controlled by a wall switch?

    The Supernova Flex Classic has a RJ45 socket that can be used for contact closure operation. See the manual for pinout information.

  • Can the Supernova Flex Classic be controlled by RS-232?

    There is no RS-232 socket on the Supernova Flex Classic so direct RS-232 operation is no possible.

  • Does Supernova Flex Classic work with the electrical voltages and frequencies in all countries?

    There are two different voltage versions, 120V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz, to cover different region’s needs. Please make sure that you order the correct version for your country.

  • Must the Supernova Flex Classic be installed with a functional ground connection?

    Yes, the screen comes with pre-attached three-wire cable with international standardized colour codes for live, neutral and ground.

  • Should the power plug be mounted locally?

    Yes, the pre-attached cable has no end-plug.

  • How much space is required for installation?

    This depends on the size of the screen. Please refer to the CAD drawings and the installation manual in the Downloads section for detailed information on how much space is needed for each screen size.

  • Can the Supernova Flex Classic be mounted on the ceiling?

    Yes, the Supernova Flex Classic can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling.

  • Can the Supernova Flex Classic be mounted in the ceiling (recessed)?

    It is possible but dnp denmark does not offer such solution.

  • Can something be installed behind the Supernova Flex Classic?

    When the screen is installed on the wall, the clearance between the wall and the bottom bar is 10mm [0.4”]. Since it may sway slightly, we recommend that you do not install anything behind the screen. If it is important for the customer to have something behind the screen, the Supernova Flex Classic should be mounted on the ceiling instead. This is a standard option.

  • Is the housing available in customised colours?

    The housing is available in white only, unless you are buying large quantities.

  • Is the Supernova Flex Classic available in customised sizes/formats?

    The screens are available in standard sizes/formats only, unless you are buying large quantities. See the product specification sheet in the Downloads section for available sizes.

  • What is the length/height of the standard drop?

    The standard drop is 400mm [15.7”] calculated from the bottom of the housing to the top of the upper masking frame.

  • Can the drop length/height be customised?

    It is possible to order the screen with custom drop for an extra cost and extended delivery time. The maximum possible drop is 700 mm [27.6”].

  • Can the lower set point be adjusted?

    Yes, the bottom stop can be adjusted with enclosed Allen key. We recommend to lower the screen to full drop for best flatness. The factory preset is at full drop.

  • Can the top set point be adjusted?

    Technically it can be done, like you set the bottom stop, but it is highly recommended NOT to adjust the top stop position. If this is not done correctly and the Supernova foil touches the cabinet when rolled up there is a high risk of severe imprints and other damages to the screen. Please note that the top stop adjustment screw is sealed from the factory and that the warranty is void if the seal is removed.

  • In what side is the motor and wire positioned?

    The motor is positioned in the left side of the screen, when viewed from the front.

  • How long is the pre-attached wire?

    The pre-attached wire is 2m [6.5ft] long

  • What are the differences between version 3.0 and 3.1

    The main difference is the motor and the stop set adjustment method but cabinet length, cabinet details, IR sensor and IR remote are other changes. Contact your dnp denmark representative for details.


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