FAQ - Supernova Infinity

Frequently asked questions about dnp Supernova Infinity

  • What are the major components of the Supernova Infinity?

    The major components are the optical screen modules, an aluminium structure, suspension wires, very strong magnets and the surrounding frame. Depending on the type of installation, important components are also foot supports, wall mounting brackets or ceiling suspension wires.

  • Where can the Supernova Infinity be installed?

    The screen can either stand on the floor or be hung from the wall or ceiling.

  • How quickly can the Supernova Infinity be installed?

    Time of installation depends on the size of the screen. The Supernova Infinity is very easy and fast to install. We recommend that at least two people install the screen. A trained installer is able to install a Supernova Infinity of up to 300” in one day.

  • Can the Supernova Infinity be used outdoors?

    We do not recommend using the screen outdoors and will not take responsibility for outdoor installations. Rainwater on the screen might give mechanical problems and is not covered by the warranty. Windy conditions can mechanically damage the screen and present a significant safety hazard if the screen is not properly secured. Optically, direct sunlight might wash out the projected image (the effect depends on the incident angle of the sunlight).

  • Are all parts automatically included with the Supernova Infinity?

    The Supernova Infinity is sold in modules with all parts included in the price. Only the necessary number of foot supports will be sold in addition to the modules on a case-by-case basis.

  • What are the available screen sizes of the Supernova Infinity?

    The Supernova Infinity does not come in standard sizes. Each project is individually calculated. Since it is a modular building system, the upper size is theoretically unlimited. However the size of a single building module cannot exceed 2.6*1.5 m [102*59”].

  • How is the number of modules calculated?

    All modules need to be of identical size. Thus, the maximum module size and the required image area determine the number of modules needed.

  • What frame designs are available with the Supernova Infinity?

    The Supernova Infinity comes with a black flock frame only.  A floor stand is also available.

  • What is the depth of the Supernova Infinity installation?

    The depth of the screen, including the aluminium structure and the frame, is only 50 mm [2”].

  • Is the Supernova Infinity seamless?

    There is no physical seam between modules. The precision-cut modules are stacked closely together, making the gap/seam between two modules virtually invisible at a short distance. The Supernova Infinity appears absolutely seamless at a normal viewing distance.

  • How big is the gap between Supernova Infinity modules?

    The distance between two modules is less than 0.3 mm [0.01”].

  • Can the Supernova Infinity be used for soft-edge blending?

    With its unique optical properties and frameless individual modules, the Supernova Infinity is the best choice on the market for soft-edge blending in a horizontal direction. However we do not recommend the use of soft-edge blending in a vertical direction.


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