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Frequently asked questions about dnp Supernova One

  • What are the major components of the Supernova One?

    The major components are the optical film, a supporting back panel (in order to keep the screen flat), the frame and the mounting system (wall brackets and magnets for securing the lower part of the screen

  • Can the Supernova One frame be painted?

    We do not recommend painting the frame. It would require disassembling the screen and frame. The system, although assembled with screws, is not designed for remounting. Custom colour frames are not available from dnp. The Supernova One is available in black, aluminium or black velvet frames. A floor stand is also available.

  • How can the Supernova One be cleaned?

    Due to the hard-coat surface, the Supernova One is easy to clean. Detailed cleaning instructions are available in the Downloads section.

  • Will the Supernova One screen change size and form if temperature and humidity changes?

    Supernova screens mainly react to temperature changes. The thermal expansion rate is similar to aluminium.

  • Can the Supernova One be used as a whiteboard?

    We do not recommend the Supernova One screen to be used as a whiteboard, but in principle the hard-coat surface of the screen makes it possible. It may, however, not be possible to have the same writing quality on two different screens even if the same type of marker is used. Poor quality of the writing is seen as a “beaded” effect in the colour area, like oil in water. The writing quality varies a lot with the type of marker used. We have had good experience with the Pilot Wyteboard Marker and the Pentel Maxiflo but will not guarantee that they work on all screens. As an eraser we can recommend using the Legamaster MagicWipe. Always use a dry cloth to erase dry-marker messages from the screen. It is important to note that the screen cannot be damaged by writing on it with a non-permanent dry-marker.

  • What is the difference between the old- and new Supernova One?

    The basic concept is the same – the Supernova foil is laminated on a hardboard and a high-quality frame is surrounding the image area – but there are two main differences between the old and the new version. First and foremost, the width of the frame has been significantly reduced from 60mm [2.4in] to a slim-frame type of only 20mm [0.8in]. Secondly, the hardboard has changed to a fire-retardant (FR) type for improved fire resistance and wider compliance to fire regulations. In addition to these, there are minor changes to the wall mount, how the screen is installed and the width of the black-velvet masking frame. Lastly, changes to the standard size- and frame options should be mentioned.

  • What is the frame size on the new Supernova One?

    The aluminium frame is 20mm [0.8in] wide. On the Silver Alu version there is an additional black velvet masking area of 10mm [0.4mm] for projector overscanning, which is not on the Black Sand version.

  • What are the frame options for the new Supernova One?

    The new Supernova One has ‘Black Sand’ and ‘Silver Alu’ as standard frame options. The Black Sand frame comprises a black matte powder coating, whereas the Silver Alu frame is made from anodized aluminum. Another difference is the 10mm [0.4in] black velvet masking that is used for projector over-scanning on the Silver Alu version. On the Black Sand frame version there is not such masking, here the frame can be used for projector over-scanning.

  • Why are the outer dimensions different on the Black Sand and Silver Alu versions?

    The Silver Alu frame version has a 10mm [0.8in] black velvet strip framing the image area, which the Black Sand version has not. The Silver Alu version is thus 20mm [0.8in] wider and higher than a Black Sand version with same image size.

  • Can I get the Supernova One with a black velvet frame?

    A full black velvet frame is not a standard option on the Supernova One, but it can be made as a customized solution.

  • Can I get the Supernova One in a special color?

    Black Sand and Silver Alu are the standard frame options but a custom color solution can also be made. You can choose between two different surface qualities – a smooth spray-paint or a coarser powder coating. We just need the color code and gloss-level of your choice. We are, of course, available for guidance and recommendations on what to choose.

  • What is the weight of the new Supernova One screen?

    Of course, this depends on the size of screen. This information is available in the datasheet.

  • Why is the new Supernova One so heavy?

    The new Supernova One is relatively heavy, compared to other alternatives, because it comprises a fire-retardant (FR) hardboard that has a very compact (heavy) core of anti-flammable materials.

  • What does fire-retardant mean?

    Very simplified you can say there are three levels of fire protection in products: 1) No fire protection, 2) Fire-retardant and 3) Fireproof. The difference is in how well the product catch fire and how well it continues to burn when the initial source of fire is removed. A category 1 product will catch fire and continue to burn. A fire-retardant product will not burn unless the source of fire is present. This slows a fire, reduces its intensity and prevents it from spreading further. A fireproof product cannot burn at all.

  • What fire-rating does the Supernova One have?

    Supernova One is classified as class 2/B according to ASTM E 84.

  • How should we lift and carry the screen?

    It is important that you are two persons handling the screen! If you are only one person handling the screen you are tempted to lift the screen in the top frame, which it is not designed for. The slim frame is basically a décor frame and has limited rigidity. Lift the screen by the ends and carry it flat or, if you need to pass through a narrow space (i.e. open door) raise the screen to vertical and support it underneath. Do not try to carry the screen in the top frame!

  • Is there any positioning tolerance when installing the screen?

    The wall mount has a slotted hole that allows +/-10 mm [0.4in] vertical adjustment and the screen bracket allows for +/- 25mm [1in] horizontal adjustment.

  • Can I get a floor-stand for the screen?

    Yes, we can make a floor-stand for you. We do not have a standard size but make it to fit your project.

  • What is the maximum size for Supernova One?

    The size-limitation is 1.5m [60in] in the height, which is equivalent to a screen size of 120” in 16:9 and 110” in 16:10. Other aspect ratios are non-standard. There is no defined size-limitation in the width but available sizes of aluboards and cost of transportation are factors to consider for bigger screens. It is not un-common we make screens up to 3.7m [144in] wide, which is the largest 2.40 format screen we can make.

  • What if I need a bigger screen than the maximum size of Supernova One?

    The maximum height of Supernova One is 1.5m [60in.] If you want a screen bigger than that, please look for Supernova Infinity or Supernova XL.

  • Is Supernova One available with 23-23 screen material?

    Yes, Supernova One is available both with the high-gain 23-23 and 08-85 screen material.

  • Is Supernova One available with 08-85 screen material?

    Yes, Supernova One is available both with the high-gain 23-23 and 08-85 screen material.

  • Is Supernova One available with UST screen material?

    No, Supernova One is available only with screen material for standard throw projectors. If you need a screen for UST, please look for Supernova STS or Supernova STW.

  • Can Supernova One be used with a UST projector?

    No, Supernova One is available only with screen material for standard throw projectors. If you need a screen for UST, please look for Supernova STS or Supernova STW.

  • Does the new Supernova One ship in wood or cardboard?

    The Supernova One screen ships in very robust cardboard boxes.


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