FAQ - Supernova STW

Frequently asked questions about dnp Supernova STW

  • What is included in the box for STW

    In the box you find the screen, mounting accessories and installation guide

  • Do I need to assemble the STW screen before installing?

    Yes, the screen arrives disassembled for cost-efficient transportation.

  • Why must the projector be below the STW screen?

    The black/white lenticular technology requires that the black side of the lens is facing the ambient light (above the screen) and the white side of the lens is facing the projector (below the screen). If rotated 180 degrees the screen will not absorb ambient light efficiently and will thus not increase the contrast significantly.

  • What are the main differences between Supernova STW and STS?

    The reflection technologies are quite different. The STS features a Fresnel lens technology that reflects the light from the projector relatively straight out from the screen whereas the STW features a Lenticular lens technology that spreads the light widely. The STS is a rigid screen that comes pre-assembled and ready to hang, the STW is a soft screen that ships disassembled.

  • Should I choose the STS or the STW?

    It depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to use the screen for interactive touch STS is the screen for you. If you need that everybody in a wide viewing cone sees the exact same high quality picture, without any loss of brightness to the sides, STW is the best choice. If you want the highest brightness you should choose STS but if you consider a more balanced viewing experience when you don’t have a lot of light in the room you should consider STW. If you want the projector above the screen you have to use STS. The projector LTR and vertical offset can have an influence on what screen you should choose. Check the datasheet or other FAQs for more info on that.

  • What projectors can I use with the STW?

    The STW screens are not very sensitive to a specific projector position; hence there is a wide range for UST projectors that can be used for the STW screens. A good match will be a UST projector with a lens-throw-ratio (LTR) between 0.1 and 0.3 and a vertical offset between 120% and 160%. In general the shorter LTR and greater offset is better.

  • Can I get the STW in custom sizes

    Yes, the STW can be ordered in custom sizes up to 120".

  • Can I mount the STW screen next to a window?

    It is not a good idea to mount the STW screen next to a window. The horizontal lenticular lens is not absorbing light from the side, thus sidelight will wash out the colors and reduce the contrast. Overhead light is however no problem.

  • How do I clean the STW screen surface?

    You should be very careful when touching the screen material as it is relatively easy to scratch. If the screen is dusty, use a feather duster. If this is not enough use a damp cloth and wipe carefully sideways following the direction of the lens structure. If rubbing too hard you risk damaging the screen material and making a noticeable mark.


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