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Technical tools to support ­ your sales

These tools and guides will help you plan and design high-quality installations.


Image Quality Calculator  (opens in new window)
The Image Quality Calculator helps you determine required projector brightness, Image contrast and more.

› Screen Size Calculator (opens in new window)
The Screen Size Calculator enables you to get additional information if you only know the screen format and a single measurement as well as convert inches to mm.

› Value Proposition Calculator (XLS)
Calculate how much you save if you purchase a Supernova Screen compared a competitor screen!

› Real-life projector brightness calculator (XLS) 
Use this tool to calculate the projector brightness


› Guide to better meetings
Create the ultimate meeting room experience

› Step by step guide
How to select projector and screen for a meeting room.

Visualization of contrast levels
Experience the visual difference between 5:1, 10:1, 15:1 and 20:1 contrast ratios.

› dnp Supernova Infinity catalogue (PDF)
An overview of the modular screen building system, including max height, width and weight.

› Big screen guide (PDF)
How to choose big screens for bright rooms.


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